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Useful Mobile Applications


Wikiloc - Trails

Wikiloc is one of the most popular GPS applications to discover and share routes, with outdoor activities including of course splitboarding and mountaineering skiing.

Download the application on your smartphone. Go to the activity filters and select Splitboard, Snowboard and Backcountry Ski, Alpine Ski, and Freeride Ski, and follow the routes saved by other users.



It is an amazing tool for an off-line exploration of the mountain due to its high-resolution 3D maps and features.
You can find almost all mountain peaks with their names, slopes with inclinations and directions, isosceles curves, distances, and the possible risk of avalanche on each slope based on inclination degrees.
It contains marked paths, altitudes of the peaks, dragon lakes, ravines, cliffs, rocky areas, etc.

avenza .png

Avenza - Olympus SKIMO routes

6 free SKIMO routes on the mountain of Gods by routes. gr

The specific routes have also been categorized according to the level of difficulty. 
Those in red color are more demanding slopes, and require more experience, while those in blue color are considered more accessible to all riders. 


Clinometer - Inclinometer

We use the inclinometer on the slopes as it is necessary to know exactly the inclination on the slope we move on and make the decision whether we will continue on that slope or not. 

The activation of an avalanche depends on the slope, and inclination and an avalanche can potentially be activated on slopes with an inclination of  30 - 60 degrees and especially on the slopes with 30 - 45 degrees.


Compass Maps - Directional Compass

This one shows the compass on a Google map and that makes our planning easier!​

You can move around the map and the compass updates automatically.

From this application, you can update and send your spot on google maps with messenger, Viber, what's app, email, etc with the push of a button.


First Aid - Red Cross

This application is an initiative of the Greek Red Cross and contains instructions for first aid in various situations such as unconscious victim, drowning, asthma attack, bleeding fractures, hypothermia, shock, and other emergencies that may occur in an isolated place.

Emergencies need a lot of experience in dealing with them and especially in the mountain where temperatures are low.

Meteo Blue - Weather Forecast


Studying weather forecast before you hit the slopes is absolutely necessary and it is recommended to advise more than one trusted forecasting websites, so you will have a complete and without missing any important information opinion about the weather. It is advised to check the weather for the surrounding area too and how the weather is going to be after you leave the mountain. With this last tip, in case it is required to stay longer at the mountain you will know exactly what is coming in he following hours. 

images.jpg - Snowfall forecast has not a mobile app yet, like which refers to Ski resorts.

Still, you can get the forecast easily if you save the webpage on your mobile. 

It is quite reliable with snowfalls and weather for the Greek mountains.

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