Agios Antonis, 2.815 m.

Ag. Antonis peak at 2815 m is the fifth highest peak of Mount Olympus. The route is considered to be easy due to the asphalted road leading to the KEOACH (Mountain Race & Ski Training Center) which is located on 1805 m altitude.

View from the peak.

Make sure you carry with you:

  • ID Card (necessary to enter from KEOACH

  • Map of Olympus Mountain

  • Boot crampons

  • Water & food


If we plan to stay overnight, we must first inform the camp. Contact tel. 24930 621 63.

Ascending from either Katerini or Elassona we follow the road to Olympiada village and then to KEOACH, Vrysopoules. There is a car parking in front of the military camp.

To approach the mountain, we have to pass through the camp. So, we have to prepare our equipment in the parking. It is required to state to the soldier at the gate, our name and telephone number with our police ID to pass through the base.


At the KEOX Camp, we may find some last-minute snacks and water if we have forgotten to buy them before heading there.


Following the path road through the camp, we hike to the ski lifts (there are military ski lifts on the mountain base), and continuing uphill we will arrive in about 1.5 hours at the "Kostas Migotzidis" Emergency Shelter at 2340m.


Do not hesitate to spend the night in the Migotzidis shelter if you have the necessary equipment. There is an oil stove and the army usually supplies the refuge with fuel. Beds and blankets are available.

After the refuge the route to the top of St. Antonis is clear. From 2340 m to 2815 m it will take another 1.5 hours of climbing with the skins or often it is necessary to use boot crampons.

In the refuge at the top of Ag. Antonis there is wireless communication with the emergency of the Hellenic rescue team. There are beds and blankets in case of an overnight stay.


From the top right to Migotzidis Refuge, snow quality is usually excellent and enough throughout the winter months.

Reaching Migotzidis refuge there are several rides:

  1. The most prominent is the slope next to the lifts. Left and right of them, heading to KEOACH.

  2. Alternatively, you can ride the stream on the right of Migotzidis shelter which also leads directly to the KEOACH.

  3. An advanced one will be to hit one more peak for a second ascent, Hotza summit 2510m, and from there riding down to Mingozidis Shelter and back to the base of KEOACH from the stream to the right.

The sunrise ...

..and the sunset ..
Whenever visiting or staying overnight on the mountain make sure you won't leave any of your belongings or any garbage.