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Avalanche Rescue

The following article is a summary and in no way could replace the knowledge and training that a ski school can provide you with the practical training and the techniques of an avalanche rescue victim. Its purpose is to give anyone who starts snowboarding outside ski resorts that without attending skilled snowboarding courses it is extremely difficult to help your friends or even yourself. Caution: without courses and seminars you become yourself at the risk of an accident.

Anyone who starts backcountry snowboarding should have basic training in the proper use of the transceiver to find a victim and use the shovel in the event of an avalanche.

Attend an avalanche rescue course and take the lessons as soon as possible to solidify your knowledge.


1. Scene size up - Is it safe to rescue? 2. Pick a rescue leader. 3. Switch beacon to search mode. 4. Start beacon search. 5. Zig-zag beacon search. 6. Locate the beacon within two meters - begin probe search. 7. Strike at 90°. 8. When the probe strikes, start shoveling. 9. Begin digging 1.5 times the burial depth downhill from the probe strike. Extract the victim carefully. 10. Check A, B, and C: Airway, Breathing Circulation (pulse). 11. Start CPR if needed: 30:2 chest compresses to rescue breath at a rate of 100 compresses per min. 12. Assess for traumatic injuries, keep the victim warm and rescue by helicopter if possible



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