Baros Passo

The Baros pass is perhaps the most famous mountain pass in Greece and is located in the heart of Pindos on the Trikala - Ioannina border. It hosts the highest paved road network in Greece, with the neck that divides the road to Matsouki and Kalarrites - Sirrako located at 1900 meters!

Baros unites Thessaly with Epirus and is geographically located in the Athamani mountains complex (Tzoumerka - Kakarditsa - Peristeri). More specifically, the location is located in the Kakarditsa mountain range in continuation of Katarachia (2,299m). Continuing the mountain range after Baro ends in Peristeri.

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The passage of Baros is surrounded by three large peaks, Tsouma Plastari (2,174m), which is just right above where the road passes, a little further north on the ridge of the pass, Baros peak (1962m), and further north, continuing the peaks of Kalogeros (2082m). The great Baro land closes with the extension of the ridge further east with the peaks of Katsaro (2101m) and Botai (1998m).

These peaks create a large lake that hosts the road network of Baros, which refers to the famous Passo dello Stelvio in Italy.

As for the skiing part now, Baros is a location that is easily accessible since the entire field we skin up is crossed by an asphalt road. This makes this place initially a dominant choice for someone. It is characterized by the simplicity of access as we drive on the asphalt up to the point where the snow coverage starts. That is where the ascent starts. Geographically, it is thus the location where snow remains until mid-May. These conditions mark it as a dominant choice for someone who prefers spring snow and does not want to mess with dirt roads or long climbs with skis or boots on their backs.

It is a field that offers both challenging descents with chutes and cuts as well as easy descents for a first-timer to the sport with gentler slopes and low-gradient chutes. Equally important is that no climbing equipment is required to reach any of the peaks.

You can choose gentle slopes that are suitable for climbing and at the same time have access to demanding and steep lines.

Baros has many fields that one can access with skis and splitboards. The most classic is the central one, characterized by the Baros peak and offering several gullies for all tastes and levels. The northern field is characterized by steeper slopes and cuts as well as some steep gullies. It keeps snow until late spring from the ridge of Kalogeros to the road. As for the southern field of the Tsouka Plastari peak, we do not have any particular information, but it is certainly a very steep part, especially regarding the pyramid of the peak, it is definitely in our future plans!

Access to Baro during the winter months (January - May) is only possible from Trikala, as the snowfalls do not allow access either from the road of Matsouki, or from Kalarriton. Of course, there is also an alternative route from Ioannina and from the road that connects Chaliki Trikalon with Anilio, but it is also a road network that one will hardly find open in the winter months, but in the spring it might be clear. So anyone who wants to go for snowshoeing from Egnatia is a good solution for this Anilio - Halikio road. Of course, it is always good to be informed and ask the local community and local agencies before going to the respective field.

The main road to Baro is the one from Trikala and leads to all the villages of Aspropotamos ending either in Arta or Ioannina. More specifically, from Trikala we follow the E.O Trikala - Pyli, after the Gate we head through the E.O. Trikalon - Artas to Aspropotamos passing through Elati - Pertouli - Neraidochori - Pyrra - Desi. We end up at the intersection that leads to Gardiki/Athamania/Arta from the left and from the right to the rest of the villages of Aspropotamos, we choose right. We continue straight until we reach the intersection where we find the town hall of the former municipality of Aspropotamos. We choose left in the direction of Chaliki/Anthousa/Kataphyto/Kallarytes/Anilio. We proceed along the road until we reach the intersection where it leads straight to Haliki/Anilio and left to Kallarites/Syrrako/Matsouki. We are now on the road to Baros!

*Alternatively for those coming from Egnatia Odos, as we reach Kalambaka, a few kilometers before the intersection of the Murgani bridge we must head right towards Kastania Aspropotamos, where continuing straight we will be driven to Krania Aspropotamos and from there on to the intersection of the town hall.

* The second alternative route for those coming from Egnatia road is to head from the Murgani bridge towards Chrysomilia Aspropotamos and continuing straight we will end up in the Pertouliotika meadows where at the intersection we will move right towards the village of Pertouli and then the road is the same as we mentioned above at the beginning.

In any case, the roughly estimated time until the passage of Baros from the prefecture of Trikala is approximately two to two and a half hours from Kalambaka or Trikala.

In the villages of Aspropotamos there are some hostels that operate every weekend in winter and increase in spring.

It would be good if you want to spend the night in accommodation to do some research in the surrounding villages before you go.

Mileage (measured up to the neck):

Trikala – Barou Pass (through the Gate): 108 km

Kalambaka – Barou Pass (via Kastania): 80.1 km

Kalambaka – Barou Pass (via Chrysomilia): 82.3 km

*For the Kalambaka routes, the Murgani bridge is located approximately 4 km after.

Production of CP Frozen Ambrosia, for spring skiing in Baro:

The view before the peak of Baros, Katarachias on the left, Kakarditsa in the center, Tzoumerka on the right. Photo: Mitronatsios Dimitris

Skiing from Baros peak to the central field. Photo Mitronatsios Dimitris

The peak of Tsouma Plastari in the southern section of Baros. Photo Mitronatsios Dimitris

On the left is the gully that leads to Baros peak. Right bank with many small gullies and good slopes in the northern section of Baros where Kalogiros follows. Photo Mitronatsios Dimitris

The northern section of Baros with all its snow! Click from the climb to the gully leading to the pass before the Barros peak. Photo Mitronatsios Dimitris

Baros general view from the top of Kalogeros. The ridge can be seen, the peak of Baros in the center and the pyramid of Tsoumas Plastari dominates behind. In the background the ridge continues with Katarachia. Photo Mitronatsios Dimitris

On the edge a few meters below the top of Kalogeros. Photo Mitronatsios Dimitris

Starting the climb with the background of the ridge that leads to Kalogeros. Photo Margaritis Giorgos

Baros via FATMAP

Baros via FATMAP

Baros via FATMAP

Dimitris Mitronatsios, with his father, are the owners of the Koziakas Refuge and are experienced in alpine skiing, especially in the area of Pindos & Agrafa.