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Christaki Refuge, 2.430 m. Olympus Mt

The way up to Christakis refuge, 2430m is starting from a smooth/rough dirt road from Petra or Kokkinopilos Villages. This ascent is considered one of the easiest routes for ski touring at the mountain Olympus and it may be recommended for beginners during springtime or when there are no recent snowfalls and avalanche risks.

Before you start make sure you have at least these with you:

  • Map of Olympus Mountain and the details of the route you will follow

  • Boot crampons

  • Water & food

  • First aid kit

Driving the car, we head to Petra village of Olympus Mountain.

At the exit of the village, we follow the road that leads to the forest and therefore to the mountain. There are limited signs on the road so a GPS would help you ensure you are always on the right road. The distance is up to fifty minutes after passing the village of Petra and we will reach, if conditions permit, a large, stone-trough. The snow coverage usually starts there, so that's the place we will leave the car.