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Christaki Refuge, 2.430 m. Olympus Mt.

To the path for Christakis refuge, 2430 m is going up from a smooth/rough dirt road starting from Petra Village. This ascent is considered one of the easiest snow routes to Olympus and is recommended for beginners as well. The route is easily accessible by IX in the spring or four in the winter.

Before we start:

  • Map of Olympus

  • Boot crampons

  • Water & food

Driving the car we head to Petra village of Olympus mountain.

At the exit of the village we follow the road that leads to the forest and therefore to the mountain. The distance we go is over half an hour to fifty minutes after Petra and we will reach, if conditions permit, a large, stone trough. The snow coverage usually stops there.

We ascent going to South East towards the mountain. On our left hand we can see the peaks Christakis, Scolio, Mytika Wreath.

Peaks: Christakis, Skolio, Mytikas, Stefani and Meghala Kazania

There is a path that goes up to Christakis hut so we try to find the signs. Once the forest is over, the path becomes more apparent as we move uphill through the large stream of Xerolaki.

As we gain altitude the landscape changes and we quickly come near to high peaks and alpine terrain.

The magic culminates with the view of the peaks all around and the rejoicing of a no tiring ascent to the Meghali Gourna and Kalyva Christakis.

Christakis Refuge at 2430 m.


Although there are always woods for the fireplace in the hut, during the winter it is 100% buried under the snow. In case of overnight stay, winter equipment (tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food) is required.

 After a quick break in the roof of the hut, it's time to pick a top!

Skolio, Christakis, Hotza...


Returning and descending to the car is done following the ascent path and through the Xerolaki!

In Xerolaki the snow stays until late Spring, often up to May!

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