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Koziakas during winter is a mountain that can give you the experience you are looking for, combined with an easy hike up and a warm stay at the cozy Koziakas Refuge!

Just a 2-hour hike with the skins from Pertouli Ski Center, the trail will lead you to Koziakas mountain refuge, one of the most beautiful and well-maintained mountain refuges.

The Koziakas Refuge is located at the altitude of 1,750m in the Bakola site, near the highest peak Astrapi (or Xazipetros), through which the European trail E4 passes.

It is February 2023, and the slopes around the Koziakas Refuge are covered with fresh white snow!

We do enjoy a warm coffee in the white courtyard of the Refuge, and then we leave for the surrounding slopes.

There are many options to choose from, and the highest and closest peaks are 3 (Astrapi, Keraies, and one more unnamed to the left of the Astrapi peak). All 3 peaks combine great slopes and a great playground below.

Based on the conditions that prevailed that day on the mountain, we decided to climb 2 peaks, Astrapi and Keraies.

In the following link, you can find on FatMap, our routes, as well as the return route to the ski center of Pertouli as recorded by the Garmin Fenix 7S.

More Info about your Stay at the Koziakas Refuge:

Koziakas Refuge || Telephones: 6977662569 Pericles Mitronatsios & 6976080613 Papastergiou Alexandros || Email: ||

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