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Metamorfosi, 2.699 m. Mt. Olympus

(From Vrysopoules/Agios Antonios)

Metamorphosi summit is located on the south side of Mount Olympus, southern of Bara.

Its name, which took it in 1921, probably came from the homonymous chapel that existed there or on the northern end of the peak, at an altitude of approximately 2.620m. This reference exists in the History of the monastery of St. Dionysios, as well as in the reference by L. Heuzey who reports that he discovered ruins of a small temple (source : http://www.mountolympussummits.com/index.php?page=summits-inside&id=39 ).

Don't forget to take with you:

  • ID Card

  • Map of Olympus

  • Boot crampons & ice axe

  • Water & food


Starting from the KEOACH camp (Mountain Race and Ski Training Center) at Vrysopoules we head for the ski lifts and follow the path leading to the "K. Migotzidis" Emergency Shelter.

As we climb up we can see the peak of Metamorphosis in our right.

Between where we are (lifts) and these summits on our right there is big stream.

After reaching the "K. Migotzidis" refuge, we choose the O2 National Trail.

The trail starts from the emergency shelter "K. Migotzidis", crosses the slope of Agios Antonis to the right in order to cross over the streams and quickly head the opposite side, on the Barra plateau.

From that point the route to the top of Metamorfosis is clear.

The red dashed line refers to the ascent and the blue line to the descent.

Our trail record that day is the following. Unfortunately we were unable to reach the top due to extensive ice cover, but the descent was magical !!


Riding down the hill to KEOACH, at the end of the stream we had to take off the snowboard and climb the slope up (about 15 minutes). It always depends on the amount and quality of snow, but in most cases if the snow coverage is not enough you may need to climb & walk much further in order back to KEOACH.

The O2 National Trail connects Olympus (E4) with Pelion. It starts from Mount Olympus and passes through the mountains of Kato Olympus, Ossa, Mavrovouni and the villages of Karia, Kallipefki, Rapsani, Potamia, Elafos, Keramidi, Veneto and ends at the beach below the Pouri village of Pelion. (http://www.eooa.gr/?page_id=568)

In Mt.Olympus the trail starts from the village of Karya -> Harvalovrisi location -> Metamorfosi - Kakavraka

-> K. Migotzidis Emergency Shelter -> Scolio Peak.

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