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Mouses Plateau, 2.700 m. Olympus Mt.

The view of the snowy Throne of Zeus and the mythical descent from the mountain of the gods is the dream of every splitboarder or skier! The following ascent and descent are addressed only to experienced riders, with all the necessary mountaineering equipment and never alone! The climb is demanding and can take 8-10 hours.

Before we start:

  • Map of Olympus, GPS

  • Boot crampons

  • Water & food

  • We are informing the Refuges about the time we will start the ascent and our plan

  • Mobile, batteries, wireless

  • First Aid Kit

Very often and depending on the amount of snow , the ascent needs to be split into two days (the first up until to Petrostrougka refuge and the second to the Plateau).

The winter trail for the Musical Plateau starts from Gortsia. We follow the summer trail to Petrostruga refuge and from there we leave the summer trail and head to the top of Skourta from Dereki.

The climb at Dereki is demanding and the snow is usually frozen. Crampons for split are a must throughout the climb and it is a good idea to have them with us throughout this winter.

After the peak of Skourta, we head to Laimos. You may need to remove the split and wear crampons on the boots to pass that. After Laimos we climb to the plateau from the pass of Yiosos using the permanent rope.

Passing through the pass of Yiosos, what left is to cross the plateau towards one of the 2 refuges !

On the plateau there are many tours and descents from the surrounding peaks.

Throne of Zeus, Toumba, Prophet Elias.


Going down the plateau requires experience, and often the best approach is to follow the path we went up.

Plateau - Skourta - Petrostruga - Location Gorcia following our marks.

A second, quicker descent from the plateau is by the Gavos Stream but is only indicated to those who have the experience of the particular mountain, have done it again and know the trails.

From the Gavos stream the descent leads to the Gomarostalos trail, following the trail signs to Prionia.

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