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Smolikas 2.637 m.

Smolikas is the second highest mountain in Greece after Olympus, at an altitude of 2,637 m. Definitely one of the best rides but also experiences overall because of the location, natural beauty, difficulty and history!

There are many ways to reach the top. Perhaps the most famous trail starts from the village of Pades.

But this time we will go starting the ascend from the village of Palioseli.

After the village of Palioseli we follow the dirt road that goes up to the Smolikas Refuge. We leave the car wherever the snow coverage starts.

We continue with the skins to the shelters following the obvious path. Even with a lot of fresh snow the dirt road underneath is obvious, at least up until the Refuge.

From the Stone Refuge, we follow the signs of the path to the "Dragon Lake " through the forest. We ascent on the left side of the mountain until we get out of the woods and see the surrounding peaks.

Continuing up the ridge we reach the dragon lake. The view of the summit has come even closer and we quickly continue to there because it is still quite a distance.

Leaving the dragon lake we continue from the right side, going up from the ridge.

Snow on the ridge is usually frozen. Crampons and mountain axe are a must.

Leaving the ridge we continue to left before the final ascent to the top.

Approaching the peak, the anxiety and excitement grow.

The view is magical ... The snow quality is usually excellent!

And on top of Μt. Smolikas overlooking around!


Descending from top to left in the poplar is the path that everyone will be fascinated by. There is a need for good criticism of the conditions, as avalanches are a common phenomenon in Smolikas.

We go down the path we took and return to the shelters.

In order to return we will need to make 1-2 changes to skins.

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