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Vasilitsa, Gomara 2.126 m.

"Vasilitsa" is one of the sweetest names in the history of Greek snowboarding.

How many times have we been overwhelmed by its peaks, the endless and beautiful slopes all around, trying to find the way and the path to explore this freeride paradise!

The peak of Gomara is one of the classic and easily accessible destinations for anyone who starts snowboarding outside of the ski resort in Vasilitsa. Apart from the easy approach, it offers a magical view of the ski area and many descents from different slopes, always depending on the conditions, the season, the team, and the time we have.

Vasilitsa view from Gomara peak


  • Water (last spring at 1850m)

  • Map, GPS

  • Crampons & Ice Axe

  • Avalanche Safety Gear

The peak of Gomara is opposite the summit of Vasilitsa and only 1 hour from the top of the Lift Tymfea with the splitboard.

The approach is from the Vasilitsa Ski Resort, either starting from the base of Lift Migdanis or just above the 1850m Chalet, if the road has no snow and the car can reach there.

After passing the 1850 Chalet, we follow the ski lifts on the right. After reaching the top of the Tymfea Lift we continue the route, following the mountain ridge until we reach the first and lowest peak.

The ascend is smooth and beautiful. TIPS: We used the FATMAP application to study the route:

In a very short time, one can reach the summit of Gomara.

Passing by the gigantic, snow-capped trees you think that the place is unreal and looks like, paintings or mythical landscapes of a fairy tale.

Walking up the ridge we see the views of Mt. Vasilitsa, Mt. Tymfi, Mt. Smolikas, and Mt. Grammos!

Leaving behind the area with the trees we reach the peak of Gomara. Like almost every Greek top, it hides its own history ... Here you will find a stoned fireplace.

DESCEND: After a pleasant break, it is time for the descent.

Due to Vasilitsa Ski Resort and the asphalt road, there are several options on the descent that lead us to the road and close to the car.

1. The first and simplest descent option is to return to the starting point following the route we went up. From the ridge to Baldoumi and then descending from the slope of Tymfea next to the elevators we can cross right onto the path above the base of the elevator which we will follow to the refuge.


2. The second alternative option that ends very close to the base of the ski resort is starting from Gomara peak and heading to Blantoumi peak to get closer to the ski resort. From there we descend to the south slope that ends at Lake Distrato at 1700m. This lake is very close to the asphalt road and the base of the ski resort. The route is quite clear from the top of Baldoumi, and even if one got lost, it is not difficult at all to reach the road quickly, even if the last meters of the descent will be necessary to walk down. The lake may not be visible from the snow cover when descending in the winter months.


For the next level explorers, there is a further descent to the northeast side which ends in a dirt road/path and then to the asphalt road leading from the Vasilitsa Ski Center to the village of Samarina. The perfect scenario would be to study the map and leave a vehicle right there.

Starting at the top of Gomara we can select the safest to the current conditions stream or slope and ride done the north side of the mountain.

At the end of this epic ride, you meet a snow-covered dirt road in the winter months. So, either you will follow this one that leads to the asphalt road (a car is needed for the lift), or before heading on the asphalt you can return to the ski resort with skins by simply following the lifts you meet at the Tymfea (30 -40 min skins).

Of course, there are more descents from the mountain of Gomara. The above is what we have done and remain safe with regards to a quick return to the ski center.

The trails especially in the winter months when everything is covered with snow are fairytales with many natural obstacles, forests, frozen lakes, and footprints of animals that live there permanently.

Vasilitsa and Gomara are very close to Valia Calda part of the Pindos National Park. These areas are one of the last home places of wild animals like bears and wolves. There are quite many visitors who have met those wild animals during their visit ... these animals' home.
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