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Endless Winter

Endless Winter is a Project by Elysium Rides showing how mountains in Greece look each season's month.

Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.

Most of our land has mountains with many summits over 2000m in elevation.

The natural wealth of Greece is inextricably linked to its climate conditions.

Due to the unique geography of the country, with high altitude differences in many regions, a wide variety of climate types is presented.

The northern regions of Greece have a transitional climate between the continental and Northern European climates. There are also higher mountainous areas with an alpine clime, where winter is severe with abundant snowfalls, while summers are cool with frequent storms.

In the mountainous areas, winters last longer but with great sunny periods. After December, usually all Greek mountains over 1500-1600m of elevation start covering with excellent quality of snow.  The higher mountains remain covered up until the end of April.

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