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Baros Passo Pindus Region

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"It was a big surprise to see how much powder Greece has! It was a perfect combination of good snow, sunshine, and fun with our Greek friends. Can't wait to return! "

J. Myers, D.

Team's suggested rides: 

Ski touring/Splitboarding at the land of Gods is not a marketing description.
It is the real vibe you get when you enter God's home. A lifetime experience, on the highest Greek summits, made for all true touring lovers!

Today Mount Olympus is considered a world-class destination due to its location near the sea, the variety of slopes, and the long season as skiing starts in early December and can last until the beginning of June.

Team's golden one: Tymfi, Tzoumerka, Lakmos, Baros, and many other destinations on the North Pindus range. Epirus is the land of tough ascending, epic riding, and the traditional après- ski experience. You can never have enough of this place!

More central than the rest of the destinations, Mt. Parnassus attracts thousands of skiers annually due to its Ski resort. However, the real beauty of this attractive mountain hides beyond the resort and in places that you can only reach with your touring skis or a splitboard. Follow your instincts for the hidden natural beauties and places that not a lot of people can visit.

At the second-highest Greek mountain, you can enjoy one of the longest and most atmospheric rides in Greece. Reaching the Summit of Geros, 2.637m, and dropping to Vathylakkos stream for an unforgettable, steep entrance long ride, with wide slopes, natural icefalls, ancient trees, and addictive wild Greek beauty. 

Grammos is one of the most glorious mountains in Greece, with historical value, hidden ski touring treasures, and long epic stream rides! Near the summit locates the biggest alpine lake in Greece, frozen during the winter months which adds to the place a fantastic 

A unique and salty mountain experience. Very near to the Aegean Sea and with a height of 1743m, Dirfis is a ski art sculpture, with great quality of snow despite the elevation. Don't underestimate this mountain... It is Hera's mountain and Hera doesn't play games when she promises to the mortals! 

To explore this beautiful country with your touring Ski or Splitboard, just contact us and we will offer you a tailor-made tour and a remarkable experience!

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